Did you know your support could be doubled by your employer?

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Whenever Ryan Smylski donates blood or plasma, his employer “matches” his gift of time with a corresponding financial donation to charity.


Employer-matched gifts can deepen employees’ impact on the causes that matter to those who work and play in our communities. In recognition of these benefits, thousands of companies across Canada have begun matching their employees’ financial donations and volunteer time.

For some employers, time spent supporting patients through a Partners for Life team — both in and out of the donor chair — counts as volunteer time! You can easily find out about the Canadian Blood Services matching opportunities offered by your employer using a new online search tool available at blood.ca.

Canadian Blood Services is grateful when employees choose to further support Canada’s Lifeline by exploring their employer’s matching opportunities. It’s a simple and meaningful way to amplify your impact.

Typically, employer-matched donations work in one of three ways:

  • An employee makes a financial donation to Canadian Blood Services, and their employer matches that gift with another donation on the company’s behalf.
  • An employee volunteers their time with Canadian Blood Services (which may include time spent donating blood, plasma or platelets, or time spent supporting the organization’s Partners for Life team), and their employer matches that time with a financial donation.
  • An employee volunteers their time in another meaningful way in their community, and their employer matches that time with a financial donation to a cause of the employee’s choice.

Does your employer offer a matching gift program? Find out now by entering their name in the window below.

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To learn more about building a corporate culture of giving within your workplace, visit give.blood.ca