Canadian Blood Services’ Cord Blood Bank Eligibility and registration

Once you have read the information on public cord blood donation to Canadian Blood Services’ Cord Blood Bank and spoken with your healthcare provider(s), we ask that you register online and return your consent form before the day of your delivery.

Join Canada’s Lifeline

Take the cord blood registration questionnaire to confirm your eligibility.

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Get informed

Read about the donation process, important registration information, understand the FAQs and take the questionnaire before proceeding to register.

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Register and consent to donate

Register online.

If you are not able to complete your registration online, return your completed consent form to your healthcare provider during one of your prenatal visits or bring it with you to the hospital on your delivery day. Tell your nurse you wish to donate your cord blood.


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Donate cord blood

Cord blood is collected after your baby and placenta have been safely delivered. If your baby’s cord blood unit qualifies, a staff member will visit you to collect additional information before you leave the hospital.


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Having trouble registering?

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Do you live in Quebec?

Quebec residents outside the vicinity of a collecting hospital interested in becoming cord blood donors may register with Héma-Québec.