Lethbridge College


Alta., Sask., Man., and N.W.T.

"The work of Canadian Blood Services aligns with our call to ‘Be Ready,’ as we are a community of more than 4,000 students and nearly 1,000 employees committed to one another."

For over a decade, Lethbridge College has been a proud partner in saving lives and has generously contributed nearly 3,000 units of blood in that time.

Lethbridge College has tirelessly promoted Canadian Blood Services at no cost, including facilitating the can’t-be-missed digital sign on Scenic Drive which promotes the need for blood on its social media platforms; and publishing countless articles in its award-winning Wider Horizons magazine. Essentially, the college has made blood donation part of its culture for staff and students.

One unique way the college encourages blood donation is through its culinary program. Every November, the food court menu is adapted to provide iron-rich foods to students and staff, and the change is publicized with a strong call-to-action to donate blood.

“A different option is offered daily,” says Sandra Dufresne, executive director of Advancement. “Meanwhile, we also include signs around campus, reminding people to donate and letting them know they can get a good iron-rich meal before or after their donation.”

With the college training the next generation of front-line professionals including nurses, emergency medical services personnel and law enforcement officers, the institution considers blood donation a meaningful and enriching habit for many of its students.

Lethbridge College National Honouring Canada's Lifeline 2019