New donor centre announced for Scarborough to open by spring 2023

JUNE 1, 2021 (TORONTO) – Canadian Blood Services is pleased to announce it will establish a new state-of-the-art fixed donor centre in Scarborough, Ontario to be open by spring 2023.

The new site will be over 7,000 square feet and will have the capacity for eight whole blood beds, two platelet beds, and eight beds to collect large volume source plasma to meet rising patient needs for lifesaving plasma products, at one easily accessible location that is still to be determined.

In three years, the new collection site is projected to collect 25,000 whole blood donations annually.

“Scarborough area residents who want to help patients will drive our continuing efforts to attract new donors in the greater Toronto area,” said Rick Prinzen, Canadian Blood Services chief supply chain officer and vice-president of donor relations.

Scarborough has become one of the most diverse and highly populated communities in the greater Toronto area. The new site will help increase the diversity of the agency’s staff and donor base to meet the needs of increasingly diverse patient populations in Canada, including but not limited to stem cells and rare blood patient needs.

“Congratulations to Canadian Blood Services on their new Scarborough site that will help serve residents across this city and provide expanded space for this critical service. This new easily accessible facility in Scarborough will ensure that those who want to give blood can do it easily,” said Mayor John Tory.

“Although this new site does not open until 2023, I would encourage residents to donate blood right now at other sites to help the Canadian Blood Services continue to save lives.”

With more than 430,000 eligible donors, the city has significant untapped growth potential for donors.

“We hope to increase the participation rate at events in Scarborough from .7% to 3% by offering a variety of hours and days of operations, an ideal location, and the ability to donate blood, platelets and plasma at one site,” said Prinzen.

“The new fixed site will address blood collection needs in the region, allow us to collect blood more efficiently, and attract new donors and staff who are more reflective of our diverse Canadian population.”

Canadian Blood Services operates a national inventory to ensure hospitals and care providers have the blood and blood products – including plasma – needed to support patient care across the country. 

“We will continue to work on behalf of all Canadians, including Ontarians, to ensure they receive the blood and blood products they need, including plasma, where and when they need them, today and into the future. We look forward to welcoming whole blood, platelets and plasma donors to our new fixed site in Scarborough and are grateful for their generosity to Canada’s Lifeline.”