A little more about the Hutterite communities in southern Alberta

Man sitting in donation chair donating plasma holding up a sign
Meet Jerry, a member of one of the southern Alberta Hutterite colonies who recently made his 200th donation. Thank you, Jerry!

In a world that is increasingly interconnected, the act of giving takes various forms, often reflecting diverse cultural, social and religious values. One unique community that brings a distinct perspective to the concept of giving  is the Hutterites. Southern Alberta is home to more than 65 Hutterite colonies, many of whose members make donating plasma a part of their routine.

The Hutterites are a communal religious group with Anabaptist origins. They follow a way of life that centres on community, faith and shared responsibilities, with a commitment to non-violence. Hutterite colonies mainly live in rural areas and are characterized by collective living arrangements and common ownership of property, with members pooling their resources for the greater good.The act of donating plasma holds a significant place in Hutterite communities, aligning harmoniously with their principles of selflessness and communal support.

Plasma is the straw-coloured liquid portion of the blood. It contains vital proteins that are essential for helping patients with a wide variety of conditions, such as cancer, nervous system disorders and severe burns. By donating plasma, Hutterites participate in a practice that exemplifies their ethos of giving and their deep sense of responsibility to others.

The Hutterite commitment to Canadian Blood Services, first through donations of whole blood and now through plasma donation, exemplifies the communitys compassion and communal support. By weaving the principles of selflessness, shared resources and collective responsibility into the fabric of plasma donation, Hutterites are not only making a tangible contribution to medical care, but also showcasing the power of harmony between tradition and progress.

We want to thank all of the Hutterite colonies in southern Alberta for their continuing support of our Lethbridge plasma donor centre!