The Niagara Malayalee Association

Niagara Malayalee Association group photo

The Niagara Malayalee Association going to donate blood at the Niagara Falls mobile. Photo taken October 23, 2021.

The Niagara Malayalee Association is a dynamic non-profit charitable organization. It is the first and oldest Malayali association in Niagara. It has over 1,000 members that have made Niagara their home. This includes a large group of international students who have come here to pursue their studies.  

So as to not be forgotten or lost amongst the Malayali community in Niagara, the association celebrates and promotes the rich socio-cultural heritage and traditions of Kerala, a state in India. They represent a vibrant and growing Malayalee community that is committed to helping others and focused on making a positive impact in the community they love.  

Manoj Edamana donating blood

Manoj Edamana, PFL champion

It is in this vein that Manoj Edamana spearheaded the group’s second partner donation, which collected over 25 units of blood on Saturday, October 23, at the Niagara Falls mobile centre. The group’s donation commemorated the life and achievements of prime minister Indira Gandhi who was assassinated in 1984. Indira Gandhi was India's third prime minister and served from 1966 until 1984. To date, she remains the country’s first and only female prime minister. The Niagara Malayalee Association continues to honour her memory with their partnership with Canadian Blood Services.