Counting on our Partners! How a small firm is making big gains by investing in the community through blood donations.

PFM Capital Inc team post donation in Regina Donor Centre

Members of the PFM Capital Inc team relaxing post-donation in the Regina Donor Centre refreshment area

“As a Saskatchewan based private equity firm, our roots run deep in the province and it’s important for us to be seen as more than a capital provider.” - Jason Moser PFL Champion and Partner, Senior Director Investments.

Noah Picton donating blood

Noah Picton, first time donor and PFM Capital Inc Partner for Life team member, giving a thumbs up!

Jason felt partnering with Canadian Blood Services Regina was a fantastic way of recruiting new donors and expanding their support, since a couple of PFM Capital Inc employees were already regular donors. “It’s rewarding to see first-time donors participate,” he says. “Hopefully, this can become a regular occurrence. When participants see the potential benefits a single donation can have, relative to the time set aside for a donation, it’s a great return on investment.” PFM Capital sees partnering with Canadian Blood Services as the start of a rewarding long-term relationship and looks forward to future group donations. Jason hopes to encourage other small and medium-sized businesses to join Canada’s Lifeline by participating in the Partner for Life Program.