Canadian Blood Services welcomes it first new partner in Atlantic Canada in 2021, Athletics NorthEAST

Athletics NorthEAST donating blood

Athletics NorthEAST running club members

Athletics NorthEAST is a running club based in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. In January 2021 the club became an official Partner for Life with Canadian Blood Services and organized Adopt-A-Clinic events throughout the year. The club’s original goal was 25 donations, which it more than doubled, resulting in 54 units collected from its members. These donations will make a significant difference in the lives of many recipients.   

"In 2021, club member Ed Durnford signed up Athletics NorthEAST for the Partners for Life program with Canadian Blood Services,” says Margo Soucy, a fellow club member and donor. “Our run club regularly gives back to the community through various charitable causes, and it seemed the perfect fit to team up with Canadian Blood Services. Our members are active, healthy, and well-suited blood donors. They certainly stepped up to the plate; Athletics NorthEAST doubled its donor goal for the year!”

Some Athletics NorthEAST members were already long-time donors, others are new donors, and some have personal connections to the blood system with recipients in their families. “Our members have committed to donate blood for different reasons. We’re pleased with the response as every donation matters. The club takes pride in helping families everyday through blood donation,” says Ms. Soucy.

Canadian Blood Services is grateful for all our Partners for Life – like Athletics NorthEAST.