Two Moncton jiu-jitsu teams host “Blood Off the Mats” blood donation event to support patients

Collage of blood donors from Blood Off the Mats

“Blood Off the Mats” shirts were provided to the first 30 donors who booked an appointment to give. 

Moncton-based Knots Jiu-Jitsu and Quantum Jiu-Jitsu decided to challenge each other in a much different way than they normally would as martial arts teams. Led by Knots, the two clubs organized their first-ever blood donation challenge, encouraging their members and communities to donate blood. The event grew much larger than they anticipated, with a total of 35 donations made. Quantum came out on top with one more donation than Knots, but everyone agreed the most important win was in helping patients.

“The whole experience was so great, and it was super easy,” says Natasha Connors of the Knots club. “The staff are amazing; it was such a fun week. There was a mix of donors. Some new, and some who returned after many years. We had members telling us their family members were now going to challenge their workplaces to donate. This opened the door and inspired others to get involved.”