Have you ever seen those bright orange trucks on the highway?

sketon truck
All in the family: Skelton Truck lines is a family operated business that has been supporting Canadian Blood Services for over 20 years


If you’ve ever spotted a bright orange truck while out on the road, your mind likely wouldn’t have made an immediate connection to Canadian Blood Services.

However, at Canada’s Lifeline orange Skelton trucks represent an important link in our national blood supply system.

Every day, Skelton Truck Lines and its dedicated operators play a vital role in helping to ensure lifesaving blood products make their way to hospitals and patients in need.

Skelton’s highly-regulated, temperature-controlled shipping methods use the latest technologies and top-of-the-line equipment for safe and fast delivery of blood products.

In addition to the important role they play in delivering blood products, for many years Skelton Trucks Lines has been a generous financial donor of Canadian Blood Services, helping to build our national public cord blood bank and supporting the stem cell registry.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization further demonstrated its commitment to patients by making a significant financial gift to boost our stem cell recruitment efforts and raise awareness about the ongoing need for blood.

Next time you see a Skelton truck on the road, check out the decal on the back. It will remind you to book your next blood donation appointment!

We are grateful to Skelton Truck Lines for their incredible and continuing support.

Remember – when you see orange, give red!