Obtain Blood Products for Research

Investigators can obtain a number of human blood products, including whole blood, red cell concentrate, and specimen tubes. The processes for distribution of blood products for research follow a rigorous ethical and legal framework, with oversight from Canadian Blood Services independent Research Ethics Board.

Obtaining Blood Products for Research FAQ

What blood products are available through Canadian Blood Services Blood4Research Program?

How does the Blood4Research Program recruit and consent blood donors?​

How does an investigator obtain blood products from the Blood4Research Program?

Investigators who require blood products for research must have their study approved by Canadian Blood Services Research Ethics Program and have executed a material transfer agreement. Investigators must submit an application consisting of Application Form Part A and Part B2.​

How does an investigator order blood products from the Blood4Research Program?

Before ordering products, an investigator must have obtained approval from Canadian Blood Services Research Ethics Program (see above). Investigators with approved studies must submit orders for blood products using the order form at least eight (8) weeks in advance of expected product delivery.​

What days of the week are blood products distributed?

Whole blood and/or Apheresis collections are held Monday-Friday. Please consult with Blood4Research@blood.ca for updated information on the types of collections for specific days of the week. Day of shipment will depend on the types of products needed by researchers.

Note: There are no donor clinics on Federal and British Columbia statutory holidays and the last two weeks of December.