Top 5 R.E.D. Blog posts of 2023

Friday, December 15, 2023 Aldis Brennan

Another year, another set of research, education, and discovery blogs. Here’s the top viewed articles of 2023:

5. Investigating the impact of age and diabetic status on blood product characteristics

Elyn Rowe Headshot

To expand the donor pool and promote inclusivity, Canadian Blood Services has made strides to expand donor eligibility criteria. Some notable changes have been removing the upper age limit restriction, and the inclusion of most individuals with diabetes. However, since blood products are not as standardized as other types of treatments and most bag-to-bag differences are likely linked to the donor, we need to understand which donor factors feed into these differences.

Elyn Rowe, author of the article and a PhD student at the Centre for Blood Research also won first prize in Canadian Blood Services’ Research 180 Video Competition. 

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4. Canadian Blood Services supporting global efforts in Transfusion Medicine education

First workshop group with faculty and participants with certificates

In May 2023, 51 physicians and laboratory technicians from across all five provinces in Rwanda participated in-person in a 2-day Transfusion Camp Train-the-Trainer workshop to provide training on transfusion management.

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3. Connect with Canadian Blood Services’ research and education network at our national transfusion conference!

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Learn about Canadian Blood Services staff and researchers’ contributions to the scientific program and other opportunities to engage with our research and education transfusion network at the Canadian Blood Services booth during the 2023 Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine annual conference!

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2. CSTM 2023: Reflections from Canadian Blood Services research and physician trainees in transfusion medicine

tseday and emel side by side

Canadian Blood Services supports capacity building in transfusion medicine through the support of research and physician trainees. In this blog, trainees reflect on their experiences attending CSTM 2023 in Montreal.

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1. Treating iron deficiency with oral iron supplements: what is the best dosing frequency?

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Researchers from the University of Toronto QUEST transfusion research program, part of Canadian Blood Services’ supported research network, conducted a study that will inform treatment of iron deficiency, a possible outcome for frequent blood donors.

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A big thank you to all our contributors who submitted articles throughout the year!

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