International Consensus Conference on Patient Blood Management - April 24-25, 2018

Monday, March 05, 2018 Jenny Ryan
In April 2018, the International Consensus Conference on Patient Blood Management (ICC-PBM2018) took place in Frankfurt, Germany


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This two-day consensus conference will present the available evidence on Patient Blood Management (PBM) and develop recommendations for those who work every day to ensure the safety of the blood system and ultimately improve patient outcomes.  

Patient Blood Management (PBM) is a patient-focused, evidence-based and systematic approach to optimize the management of patient and transfusion of blood products for quality and effective patient care. [WHO definition].

Besides the rigorous and transparent scientific process, this conference is unique due to its international collaboration: the consortium of organizers spans European, American, Canadian and Australian organizations in the field of blood transfusion, all willing to contribute to furthering patient blood management.

From Canadian Blood Services, Dr. Dana Devine, chief scientist, and Dr. Nadine Shehata, medical officer, participated in the Scientific Committee that contributed to the development of evidence summaries for this event. During the conference, theses summaries will be presented to a multi-disciplinary expert panel and an audience of over 250 stakeholders, consolidating the available knowledge and concluding on recommendations.

The scope of the conference is focused on the following three areas:

  1. Red Blood Cell Transfusion Triggers
  2. Pre-Operative Anemia
  3. Education, Implementation and Maintenance of PBM.

The conference program includes 50 international experts as speakers, session chairs, and panelists. From Canada, Dr. Dean Fergusson, senior scientist and director of the Clinical Epidemiology Program at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, will co-chair the expert panel on Implementation of PBM and Dr. John Freedman from St. Michael’s hospital will be a member of the same experts panel. Dr. Dawn Maze from the Department of medicine at the University of Toronto is a member of the experts panel on Red Blood Cell Transfusion Triggers. Dr. Katerina Pavenski from St. Michael's Hospital/Research Institute will present to the expert panel on Pre-operative Anemia.

“As an organization that strives to improve transfusion patient outcomes, we look forward to participating in this conference and to the development of high-quality recommendations that can be implemented in Canada for the benefit of Canadians,” Dr. Dana Devine, Chief Scientist, Canadian Blood Services.

Recommendations from ICC-PBM2018 will be published and disseminated following the event. For more information go to 

Learn more about the International Consensus Conference on Patient Blood Management (ICC-PBM) 2018 



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