Dr. Jeannie Callum describes delivery of blood transfusions with pit-stop precision in new video

Friday, June 23, 2023 Abby Wolfe

In a recent presentation titled “Delivering blood transfusions with pit-stop precision”, Dr. Jeannie Callum emphasizes the innovation and engineering involved in ensuring bleeding patients get the right blood they need in just the right way at the right time. The 20-minute presentation, offered in a similar storytelling style to the popular TED Talks, is part of the 5 à 7 Research Talks series hosted by Queen’s University.  

Dr. Callum is a transfusion medicine specialist, hematologist, and an adjunct scientist at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Dr. Callum is also the co-director of the newly created Canadian Transfusion Trials Group, which is bringing the Canadian transfusion medicine community together to promote national collaboration and excellence in transfusion medicine clinical research. 

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