Fearon, Margaret

Selected Publications

  1. O'Brien SF, Delage G, Scalia V, Lindsay R, Bernier F, Dubuc S, Germain M, Pilot G, Yi QL, Fearon MA. Seroprevalence of Babesia microti infection in Canadian blood donors. Transfusion. 2015 Oct 1. doi: 10.1111/trf.13339  PMID: 26426217
  2. Fearon MA, Scalia V, Huang M, Dines I, Ndao M: A Case of vertical transmission of Chagas Disease contracted via blood transfusion in Canada. Can J Infect Dis Med Microbiol 2013; 24:32‐4.
  3. O'Brien SF, Goldman M, Scalia V, Yi QL, Fan W, Xi G, Dines IR, Fearon MA: The epidemiology of Human T‐Cell Lymphotropic Virus Types I and II in Canadian Blood Donors. Transfus Med 2013; 23:358‐66.
  4. O'Brien SF, Scalia V, Goldman M, Fan W, Yi QL, Huang M, Ndao M, Fearon MA: Evaluation of selective screening of donors for antibody to Trypanosoma Cruzi: Seroprevalence of donors who answer no to risk questions. Transfusion 2013; 54:863‐869.
  5. Fearon M, O'Brien SF, Dines IR, Huang M, Ndao M, Lagace-Wiens P, Scalia V. Final results of a Chagas seroprevalence study at Canadian Blood Services. Transfusion 2013; 53:42A.
  6. O'Brien SF, Scalia V, Goldman M, Fan W, Yi QL, Dines IR, Huang M, Ndao M, Fearon MA: Selective testing for Trypanosoma cruzi: the first year after implementation at Canadian Blood Services. Transfusion 2013; 53:1706-13
  7. O’Brien SF, Dines IR, Goldman M, Scalia V, Yi Q, Fan W, Fearon M. Impact of testing the blood supply for Human T Lymphotropic Virus (HTLV) on recipient infections. Transfusion 2013; 53:26A.
  8. Fournier E, Lesley P, Tokessy M, Hannach B, Makowski K, Scalia V, Fearon M. Investigation of a possible case of WNV transfusion transmission: Summer 2012 season. Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine Website. 2013.

Leadership Roles



  • AABB Standards Committee
  • ​European Blood Alliance, Emerging Infectious Diseases Committee
  • ​Canadian Public Health Lab Network
  • National West Nile Virus Committee
  • Hema-Quebec Safety Advisory Committee
  • Microbial Sampling and Testing, Bioburden Subgroup, Organs and Tissues (CBS)
  • Donor Screening Working Group (CBS)
  • CSTM 2016 Scientific Committee