Request Corporate Records

The following outlines the process for requesting access to corporate records.

This applies to requests for access to non-personal, non-public corporate records and shall be interpreted in accordance with applicable privacy legislation. 

In accordance with our values, Canadian Blood Services makes records accessible to the public, including: 

  • The mission, vision and values of Canadian Blood Services; 
  • Public statements; 
  • Annual reports; 
  • Corporate performance reviews;  
  • System progress reports; 
  • Strategic plans; 
  • Health policy discussions; 
  • Salary disclosures; 
  • Agendas for open meetings of the board of directors; 
  • Approved minutes of board of directors meetings; 
  • Audited financial statements; 
  • Health Canada inspection activities and Canadian Blood Services’ responses; 
  • Clinical guidelines and leading practices; 
  • Product information; 
  • Publications; and 
  • Research funded projects. 

These may all be found on our website at If you cannot find the information on our website or you have a question that is of a general nature, please email or ask our virtual agent.

If you cannot find the records you are seeking, please follow the process below to request access.