Paul Chu

Stem Cell Donor

Paul Chu donated stem cells twice in 2019, taking a few days off work as a self-employed electrical contractor each time.

“It's worth every minute and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again,” Paul says simply. Growing up in Taiwan, Paul remembers his father donating blood — a relatively rare act in that country.

“Whenever he saw a clinic set up, he’d just go in and donate,” says Paul. “Afterwards, I’d get the little can of milk they give out. So that’s my hero.”

Paul became a regular blood donor at age 18. When he learned about the shortage of stem cell donors, he immediately got a cheek swab and joined Canadian Blood Services Stem Cell Registry.

“I’m just a small part of it, really,” he says. “Whoever researched this machine that separates stem cells from blood — I mean that's crazy — you guys are the real heroes. So keep doing the good work and everybody donate, donate, donate!”

Paul Chu