Dr. Mel Krajden

Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Krajden is considered a world leader in infectious disease epidemiology and phylogenetics research with a focus on the public health implications of this work.

He has published extensively in hundreds of peer-reviewed journal publications and has provided his expertise to the infectious diseases and transfusion community.

In 1990, Dr. Krajden helped establish the B.C. Hepatitis Testers Cohort, an anonymous medical information database focused on testing, health-care use and outcomes for 2.4 million individuals tested for, or diagnosed with, hepatitis B, C, HIV and tuberculosis infections.

The data from the cohort has influenced clinical and public health guidelines and policy globally.

Throughout his career, Dr. Krajden has received numerous awards and recognitions, most recently in 2020 when he was appointed to the Order of British Columbia.

"Supporting Canadian Blood Services by being part of its research and scientific advisory committee is truly a privilege,” says Dr. Krajden.

Mel Krajden