Jason Krause

Peer Recruiter

Jason Krause, a math teacher at Centennial High School in Calgary, is multiplying the community of blood donors one class at a time. A long-time blood donor himself — and a stem cell registrant — he’s motivated thousands of students, teachers and even parents to become donors since 2012.

“I can’t tell you how inspiring it is to work with these 17- and 18-year-olds,” says Jason, who began donating in his early 20s to help a younger cousin, who later passed away.

Pre-COVID, Jason coordinated awareness sessions and Life Bus shuttles, and had Centennial designated a mobile donation site — activities he looks forward to resuming. Jason is also an ambassador for blood donation at other area high schools.

“I hope to get as many of these kids to come back over and over again, and maybe start inspiring other people in their lives to do this,” says Jason. “Statistically speaking, once a person has donated three times, they are a donor for life.”

Jason Krause