Heather Badenoch

Master of Ceremonies

Ottawa, Ontario

As a communications consultant for non-profit organizations, Heather has always loved giving back.

In early 2018 at the Toronto General Hospital, Heather donated part of her liver (22 per cent, to be exact) to a random stranger — a very sick child.

Heather had originally applied to be a living liver donor for a specific child near Ottawa, who had made a public plea for a donor in 2016. Fortunately, that child found a match and had a successful transplant. Heather asked to remain in the screening process for anyone else in need.

Then she got the call to be a hero and help save another child’s life.

During her hospital stay, Heather was able to meet many organ recipients and watch them regain their strength. Meanwhile, she regained her own strength — and much more quickly than the doctors anticipated.

Today, Heather speaks publicly about her experience to encourage others to consider becoming living organ donors. She also mentors people on the path to becoming living liver donors.

“I haven’t found the words yet to describe the emotional high I have at saving a life,” says Heather. “I find myself thinking about the child all the time and thinking about what milestones they will be able to achieve over the years of their life.”

Since her living donation, Heather has also become a blood donor. She also adopts senior rescue dogs, and volunteers with a group that provides free veterinary care to the pets of people who are homeless.

Headshot of Heather Badenoch with long brown hair and a purple long sleeve shirt.