Dr. Heather Hume

Lifetime Achievement Award

As a pediatric hematologist, oncologist and specialist in transfusion medicine, Dr. Hume has made important contributions to research, education, the safety of the blood supply and the welfare of patients in Canada, Uganda and beyond. Dr. Hume is also a former Canadian Blood Services’ employee, who joined the organization in 2001 as its first director of transfusion medicine.

One of her responsiblities was to strengthen Canadian Blood Services’ engagement with hospitals and Dr. Hume did just that. Two of her most important contributions were her leadership in establishing the Royal College Transfusion Medicine Subspecialty Program and the National Advisory Committee (NAC) on Blood and Blood Products.

She was also involved with the development of Canadian Blood Services’ International Collaboration for Transfusion Medicine Guidelines (ICTMG).

But her work at Canadian Blood Services went beyond these accomplishments. In her words: “When working for Canadian Blood Services, one knows that one is working for an organization that is really helping make life better for people in difficult circumstances,” says Dr. Hume.

She continues to contribute to transfusion medicine in Quebec as president of the Comité consultatif national de médecine transfusionnelle, a provincial transfusion medicine consultation committee similar to NAC.

“My thanks for this award and my thanks to Canadian Blood Services for their work on behalf of so many patients who receive blood products and stem cell transplantations,” says Heather.

Dr Heather Hume