Dorothy 'Dottie' North

Blood Donor

To celebrate her 65th birthday, Dottie North convinced more than 40 friends and family members to join her in donating blood at the donor centre in Red Deer, Alberta. Dottie made a party of it, supplying cake and decorations, and handing out the loot bags she’d prepared. Many of the partygoers were first-time donors.

Dottie first gave blood more than 40 years ago to support her older sister Joyce, who has required more than 20 units of blood due to a series of surgeries. Joyce hoped to donate back as many units as she had received, but health challenges and advancing age made that impossible. Dottie told her: “Don't worry about it, sis, I'll take care of it.” For much of her life, Dottie has donated every few months and recently completed donation number 83.

“Most of us are able to donate blood,” says Dottie. “If you can donate, I think it’s simply the right thing to do.”

Dottie North