Grand River Hospital


Representing Ontario and Nunavut

As a hospital that admits 25,000 patients annually, performs over 12,000 surgeries and sees 67,000 emergency room visits, staff, leadership and physicians of Grand River Hospital (GRH) in Ontario’s Waterloo Region know firsthand about the need for a strong blood system. Since becoming a partner in 2009, blood donation has been an important part of the hospital’s culture. They show their support by promoting, hosting and adopting donation events, and helping local media to tell patient stories. GRH donors have given more than 2,200 units of blood to date – an accomplishment they wear as a badge of honour.

Mark Karjaluoto, Director of Communications, is the driving force behind this successful partnership. He personally fills all appointment spots for onsite donation events and recruits upward of 100 donors each time.

In May 2017, GRH won the Ontario Hospital Blood Donation Challenge. GRH also became the top hospital in Canada in 2017 for overall donations