Freda Smit-McKie

Stem Cell Donor

Representing New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island

In 2016, Freda donated stem cells, both peripherally and by bone marrow, to the same patient. Freda lives in a remote area of P.E.I., where just getting to the airport in Charlottetown before flying to Halifax and then traveling to the collection centre is a lengthy journey. When the additional request for stem cells was made, Freda was leaving to B.C. for vacation. The patient’s need was urgent, so while on vacation, Freda drove to a lab in rural Alberta to begin blood work up. When she returned home, the holiday season was getting close and so was the patient’s procedure. Freda stayed in Halifax for one week to receive injections before her donation, and was alone on her birthday. Selfless and determined, Freda never hesitated to help the patient. Her reward came from knowing that her cells engrafted and the patient was doing well.