Canadian Blood Services Releases A Report to Canadians 2012/2013: Aligning Our Goals

October 03, 2013 (OTTAWA) - On Thursday, October 3rd, Canadian Blood Services presented its 2012/2013 annual report, A Report to Canadians, to the Ministers of Health at the Canadian Blood Services Annual General Meeting in Toronto, ON.

The report illustrates the evolution of the blood system into one that is aligned with the overall aims of Canadian health care. By setting strategic priorities, refining our processes, developing new products and services and fostering innovation – Canadian Blood Services is aiming to improve health outcomes and contribute to a more effective, accessible and equitable patient-centred health-care system.

This year’s annual report maps out in detail the steps we’ve taken along this shared quality journey through the presentation of seven infographic spreads which include:

  • A Map of the Future (our refreshed corporate strategy)
  • Following a Donation (from generous blood donors to grateful recipients)
  • Production Lines (plasma protein products and our sources of supply)
  • Matching Priorities (stem cell registry and national public cord blood bank)
  • Partners in Time (OTDT: Organ and Tissues Donation and Transplantation)
  • Innovation at the Centre (research, development and knowledge exchange)
  • Sharing the Quality Journey (our strategic alignment with the larger aims of Canadian health care)