Canadian Blood Services lends a helping hand to Hema Quebec as a partner in health care this holiday season

December 7, 2012 (QUEBEC)– On November 28, Héma-Québec asked Québec hospitals to quarantine certain red blood cell packs when it discovered small leaks in some of its blood collection bags.

As a result, Canadian Blood Services was asked to provide support to help meet the needs of hospital patients in Quebec. That’s when Canadian Blood Services’ employees across the country stepped in to help.

Over the past week, our Brampton production and distribution facility supplied 850 units of red blood cells, which included 400 units of O Rh Negative red cells to Héma-Québec so patients in need would not go without blood products. During the shortage Ottawa also helped support a local Gatineau hospital by shipping 10 O Rh Negative red cells directly to them as requested by Héma-Québec. Even though we operate independently, our two organizations support each other during extraordinary events.

“This is a story of collaboration and cooperation, virtually from coast-to-coast, during the holiday season,” said Ian Mumford, Chief Operating Officer. “We were able to provide critical blood products and this reaffirms our status as a trusted and valued partner in Canadian health care.”

Blood is perishable and most of the blood that we collect is shipped to hospitals across Canada within five days after it is collected. We would like to thank our blood donors for their support and encourage more Canadians to book an appointment to donate blood this holiday season, particularly the weeks of December 24 and December 31. During this season of giving, we are encouraging eligible Canadians from coast to coast to give blood. Please call us at 1 888 2 DONATE (1 888 236 6283) or visit us at

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