British Columbia introduces voluntary blood donation act

The Government of British Columbia has introduced proposed voluntary blood donation legislation that would prohibit payment for blood donations in the province. Canadian Blood Services welcomes efforts to help further strengthen Canada’s voluntary, non-remunerated, publicly funded collections model, with a view to preserving the integrity of Canada’s public blood and plasma collection system. 

For nearly 20 years, Canadian Blood Services has been responsible for providing Canada with a safe, secure and affordable system of blood and blood products, including drugs manufactured from human plasma; this is a duty we have delivered on consistently. We have a clear role in planning for and addressing plasma sufficiency for the country and in meeting the needs of Canadian patients.

As stewards of the blood system in Canada, we are currently in discussions with government following the tabling of our business plan to increase the amount of plasma we collect from Canadian donors, as per our voluntary, non-remunerated (unpaid), publicly funded model. This includes collecting plasma in British Columbia. 

British Columbia has a long and proud history of support for the blood system, and we are pleased to see recognition of the work and contributions of the many donors and volunteers in the province. Just last week, we celebrated one of British Columbia’s own – Canada’s oldest blood donor Beatrice Janyk, who at 95 years old has been helping to save lives for more than seven decades. We value and appreciate all our donors, who voluntarily give of themselves to help patients in need.