plasma collections

(OTTAWA) - As the national authority for and steward of the blood system in Canada, Canadian Blood Services continues to monitor and analyze the security of the supply of plasma needed to produce plasma protein products. The patients who benefit from these lifesaving products continue to be at the centre of our work. Canada has benefited from our ongoing analysis for many years, and we continue to assess the security of the plasma supply using an internationally recognized Risk-Based Decision-Making Framework. This Alliance of Blood Operators Risk-Based Decision-Making framework was developed

Canadian Blood Services does not and will not pay donors for blood, plasma or any other kind of donation. Many headlines lately have stated Canadian Blood Services has not ruled out paying donors. These headlines are remarkably misleading. The reality is this: it has never been our practice, and it is not our plan to pay donors. We truly value and appreciate our donors who give of themselves to help patients in need. And we believe more Canadians will volunteer to do so — without the incentive of payment. Paying for plasma A private, for-profit company recently opened in Saskatoon. It offers