Organ transplant

All provinces and territories now part of national program Winnipeg, MB – Canadian Blood Services, in collaboration with provincial and territorial Governments and organ donation and transplantation programs officially launched the Highly Sensitized Patient (HSP) program today. Canadians whose immune systems are more likely to reject a transplanted kidney and are difficult to find a match, now have a better chance through this new national organ sharing program. The HSP program uses high quality laboratories to allocate kidneys with an accuracy and efficiency that is unparalleled. “The launch

Canada is a world leader in establishing ethical and medical practices on the determination of death and donation March 26, 2014 (Canada)– Recent coverage on death and organ donation on CBC’s the fifth estate may have left viewers with the impression that Canadian medical practitioners have an unclear understanding of death and are misleading families about the risk of donation procedures occurring before a patient has actually died. This is simply not true. The first Canadian case of organ donation after cardiac death took place in Ottawa in 2006, when Emile and Beth Therien made the