National Blood Donor Week

When I was Deputy Minister of the Environment I told my staff I wanted to be taken for granted. In this role, and my other responsibilities in the Canadian Public Service, I always tried to serve the public and make Canada a better place. But I was happy to be a faceless bureaucrat, out of the limelight—known by my colleagues in government and on the Hill, but not by Canadians at large —to be taken for granted.

To support National Blood Donor Week, June 10 to 16, Canadian Blood Services is launching a new online tool ( for anyone whose life has been changed by blood products to share their reason(s) for joining Canada’s Lifeline and help patients.

44,000 blood donors needed across the country by Canada Day (OTTAWA) – Canadian Blood Services is getting ready to support patients this summer and is inviting Canadians to participate in the international Missing Type campaign from June 11 to 17. The Missing Type campaign is taking place during National Blood Donor Week, which this year is commemorating its 10th anniversary. Throughout the week, As, Bs and Os — the letters of the main blood groups — will go missing in everyday signage and places of interest across Canada and in more than 20 participating countries around the world to

Low blood inventory could cause issues for Canadian patients (OTTAWA) – National Blood Donor Week is typically a time to celebrate donors across the country. This year, however, Canadian Blood Services is focused on a critical need for blood donations and is urging Canadians to make an appointment right away to donate before July 1. “Patients across the country need more donors to step forward for life-giving blood donations,” says Mark Donnison, vice president, donor relations. “We recently called on Canadians to fill more than 150,000 donation appointments by Canada’s 150th birthday to

National Blood Donor Week reminds us we each have a blood type to give (OTTAWA) – To mark National Blood Donor Week, Canadian Blood Services is celebrating blood donors from across the country who make a lifesaving difference to patients in need. Without the generosity of donors, patients would not receive the lifesaving surgeries and treatments they need. National Blood Donor Week runs from June 13 to 18. “National Blood Donor Week honours Canadians who selflessly give life in support of their communities and our country,” says Mark Donnison, vice-president, donor relations. “One in two

Events across the country to recognize donors and inspire more Canadians to donate Ottawa – Canadian Blood Services is thanking its 420,000 blood donors during National Blood Donor Week from June 8 to 14, and inviting them to share their reasons for rolling up their sleeves to help inspire other Canadians to do the same. “National Blood Donor Week is a time to celebrate Canadians who have helped save lives through blood donation,” said Mark Donnison, Vice-President of Donor Relations. “This week we are also hoping to welcome new donors to help replenish our blood supply on a regular basis.”

Bold New Campaign and Blood Signal Launched to Grow and Diversify Canada’s Blood Donors June 13, 2011 (OTTAWA) - It is estimated that about one in two Canadians can give blood. However, this year only one in 60 has and Canadian Blood Services needs this to change. To turn the tide, Canadian Blood Services is encouraging Canadians to “Rally Together to Save Lives” as National Blood Donor Week begins. This year’s theme for National Blood Donor Week is “Rally Together to Save Lives” and in order to meet Canada’s future blood requirements, Canadian Blood Services needs to inspire more Canadians to

Celebrating blood donors during National Blood Donor Week June 11-16 June 11, 2012 (OTTAWA) – To many Canadians, one free hour could mean hanging out with loved ones, a workout at the gym, or even…saving a life. What would you do? For nearly 420,000 Canadians who call themselves blood donors, the answer is easy – donate blood. Canadian Blood Services surveyed 1,000 Canadians nation-wide to see what they would do if given the gift of one free hour. In a recent poll conducted by Ipsos-Reid we found: 69% of respondents said they would spend time with their loved ones 26% would save a life through

Canadians asked to go social and rally together this National Blood Donor Week June 10, 2013 (OTTAWA) – Canadian Blood Services is asking Canadians to get Behind the Blood Signal when the blood drop shaped icon is activated during National Blood Donor Week, June 10-16. The Blood Signal is intended to connect people to the idea of making a donation at specific times of the year when the need for blood is greatest—like summer. Behind the Blood Signal was chosen as this year’s theme for National Blood Donor Week to educate more Canadians that when they see the Blood Signal, it means “give blood

National Blood Donor Week reminds Canadians that many families need donors to help save precious lives now June 9, 2014 - Many Canadian families rely on blood donors to help loved ones recover from life-threatening conditions. National Blood Donor Week (June 8 -14) is a reminder to all Canadians that by donating blood today, you can help save the lives of countless family members—and your donation is needed now more than ever. Canadian Blood Services is experiencing a notable decrease in donations heading into the summer months. Although donations traditionally dip heading into June, the