Low blood inventory could cause issues for Canadian patients (OTTAWA) – National Blood Donor Week is typically a time to celebrate donors across the country. This year, however, Canadian Blood Services is focused on a critical need for blood donations and is urging Canadians to make an appointment right away to donate before July 1. “Patients across the country need more donors to step forward for life-giving blood donations,” says Mark Donnison, vice president, donor relations. “We recently called on Canadians to fill more than 150,000 donation appointments by Canada’s 150th birthday to

Donors needed this holiday season to give blood and hope to patients (OTTAWA) – Canadian Blood Services recruitment teams hit the streets today in locations across the country to launch Canadian Blood Services’ holiday Give campaign. Volunteers and blood recipients joined staff in select cities to let potential donors know the best gift they can give this holiday season is blood. Surveys have shown the top reason people do not donate blood is because they have not been asked. Recruitment teams are a way to connect with and encourage people to consider becoming a blood donor. A total of 100,000

Many clinics are open Nov. 11 to receive much needed blood donations (OTTAWA) – To commemorate Remembrance Day, Canadian Blood Services encourages more Canadians to #givelife by donating blood, a gift in honour of the contributions of the women and men of the Canadian Armed Forces. Members of the armed forces are themselves some of the most generous donors. In 2006, the Department of National Defence became Canadian Blood Services first national Partner for Life organization. Since then, they have provided more than 30,000 blood donations to our national blood supply. In 2016, National Defence

Ambitious goal of 20,000 sign-ups underscores the need for new donors (OTTAWA) – Canadian Blood Services is calling on eligible Canadians to signal their intent to donate blood this year at missingtype.ca. Earlier this week Canadian Blood Services was one of 25 blood service organizations across 21 countries that launched the International Missing Type campaign to recruit new blood donors. “We need more Canadians to become regular blood donors to meet Canada’s future blood needs,” says Mark Donnison, vice president of donor relations. “Across Canada, we must collect 17,000 units of blood every

(OTTAWA) – Canadian Blood Services is uniting with blood donor organizations across 21 countries to highlight an almost 30 per cent international drop in people becoming blood donors compared to a decade ago.1 The campaign – first held in England and North Wales by NHS Blood and Transplant in 2015 – this year brings together 25 blood services from 21 countries covering one billion of the world’s population who are each calling for new donors to ensure blood donation for future generations. “Blood type is one way we’re all connected, yet many people rarely think about it or even know what

National Blood Donor Week reminds us we each have a blood type to give (OTTAWA) – To mark National Blood Donor Week, Canadian Blood Services is celebrating blood donors from across the country who make a lifesaving difference to patients in need. Without the generosity of donors, patients would not receive the lifesaving surgeries and treatments they need. National Blood Donor Week runs from June 13 to 18. “National Blood Donor Week honours Canadians who selflessly give life in support of their communities and our country,” says Mark Donnison, vice-president, donor relations. “One in two

Wrap It Up Red this holiday season with new ‘I Gave Life’ bandages (OTTAWA) - Starting today, blood donors will get special new bandages for giving life. It’s part of the Wrap It Up Red campaign encouraging Canadians to #GiveLife this holiday season. Blood donors will have their arms “wrapped in red” as all blood donor clinics will permanently replace regular bandages with the new ‘I Gave Life’ red bandages. “The new bandage is an opportunity for donors to show that they gave life and encourage others to join the movement, “ says Mark Donnison, vice-president, donor relations. “Each blood

Your financial donation has the power to give life (OTTAWA) – Canadian Blood Services is once again participating in GivingTuesday, designed to celebrate and encourage charitable activities. This year the proceeds of this online event will be directed towards blood and stem cell research. Stem cells are already used to treat more than 80 diseases and disorders. Your financial donation has the power to help Canadian Blood Services conduct research that can lead to better outcomes for patients and save more lives – like Mackenzie’s. In 2013, at just 16 years old, Mackenzie was diagnosed with

Canadians encouraged to donate blood to honour armed forces (CANADA) - We need thousands of new blood donors every year and Canadian Blood Services encourages a new generation of donors to pay tribute this month to the men and women who have served or are serving our country by donating blood. Remembrance Day is a time to honour the contributions of the Canadian Armed Forces. It is also a time to commemorate the strong, historic relationship the Canadian Armed Forces has with the blood system in Canada. During World War II, Canadians began to donate blood to help wounded Canadian service

Family of young platelet recipient thankful for the generosity of blood donors (CANADA)- Canadian Blood Services reminds all eligible donors that they have the power to give life this Thanksgiving and encourages them to make blood donation part of their celebrations. “What a great way to give thanks,” says Mark Donnison, vice president of donor relations. “There is always a greater need for blood around long weekends, as many regular donors are busy and unable to donate. This weekend is the perfect time to bring a family member to a clinic and give thanks by giving life.” Over long weekends