Blood donations

A non-profit that promotes blood and stem cell donation in the hockey community is getting new support from the NHL as well as player ambassadors in other leagues.

Adam Schmidt has a message for those on the fence about donating blood: don’t fear the first time.

When I was Deputy Minister of the Environment I told my staff I wanted to be taken for granted. In this role, and my other responsibilities in the Canadian Public Service, I always tried to serve the public and make Canada a better place. But I was happy to be a faceless bureaucrat, out of the limelight—known by my colleagues in government and on the Hill, but not by Canadians at large —to be taken for granted.

To support National Blood Donor Week, June 10 to 16, Canadian Blood Services is launching a new online tool ( for anyone whose life has been changed by blood products to share their reason(s) for joining Canada’s Lifeline and help patients.

Donors play vital role in meeting the needs of patients every day MAY 15, 2019 (OTTAWA) – Canadian Blood Services is launching a new national multi-media campaign it hopes will give Canadians many new and compelling reasons to support patients and help save lives. The ‘Reasons’ campaign urges potential donors to join Canada’s Lifeline and demonstrates situations that highlight why blood and blood products are needed every day to treat a broad range of patient needs, from trauma to cancer treatments. This campaign builds on Canadian Blood Services renewed brand and expanded commitment to

More than 22,000 donors needed across Canada by August 26

Approximately 10,000 donations needed this week

Urgent call for 35,000 people across Canada to donate blood by March 10

Somewhere in Canada, a patient needs a blood transfusion every 60 seconds (OTTAWA) – When the call for help goes out to Canadians, they respond. Canadian Blood Services saw that well-known Canadian value come to life earlier this summer as it worked to rebuild what was then a precarious inventory of blood for Canadian patients. As the Labour Day long weekend approaches, Canadian Blood Services is counting on that generosity and is urging eligible Canadians to book appointments. Blood donations often decrease during summer months, something that Canadian Blood Services plans for. Canadian Blood

Patient care takes no summer vacation; the need for blood remains (OTTAWA) – Canadian Blood Services is extending thanks to Canadian residents for the tremendous response to its urgent call for 60,000 donors by July 1. However, the need for blood remains. The national blood inventory is improving but every minute of every day, a patient in Canada needs blood. Donors are needed to continue to answer the call for blood every day throughout the summer. “We are pleased by the strong support from donors during the month of June,” says Mark Donnison, vice president, donor relations. “The outpouring